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Benefits of Listing Your Property With A "Realtor"


The Realtor Advantage

The use of a trained Realtor who is also a member of the National Association of Realtor's is your best chance to conduct a transaction that is without error or mistake.  The National Association of Realtor's and their affiliated local Real Estate Boards conduct continuous training and education for their member Realtor's to ensure they are well versed in the changes in the law and other current practices that ensure they are best equipped to handle your interest.

A Realtor who lists property for sale has a long and detailed process for marketing and obtaining the best offer and carrying the transaction through it's many phases to a successful closing.

In the very beginning and before actually meeting with the customer, the Realtor must establish the market value of the subject property, then prepare all of the listing presentation which is very detailed and covers everything from the actual Agreement to marketing and the negotiation of future offers as well as closing the deal.

Once the Realtor has an executed Listing Agreement is when the action becomes more intense. There are literally dozens of specific tasks that are involved in successfully marketing the property.  Things such as preparing the MLS Property Property, mail outs, obtaining photos, preparing print ads, and securing the financial, deed, & survey documents.

Other items that a Realtor needs to be familiar with will include but not be limited to are the HOA contacts & information, tax record, school districts, rental information if applicable, verify utility contacts, make keys and install lock box and erect sale sign. This only a basic overview as there are scores of other tasks that are asociated with these which make the process sound and effective.

And then after an offer is received your Realtor will negotiate for the best terms and conditions and protect your interest at all levels. The past experience of a trained Realtor is your most valuable asset when selling a piece of Real Estate.  You should always look for a seasoned Realtor with a proven negotiating record and who has a history of success in the sales of property at or above current market numbers.

Other items of concern for any seller should be the level of advertising and internet exposure the Realtor is willing to guarantee. How much exposure the Realtor has in the market will definitely influence not only the buyer activity but tends to draw attention from other Realtor's as well. You can be assured that the level of advertising will trend itself into better networking relations with proven producers who are doing the same level of marketing in your area.

So in closing, I would say always conduct business through a Realtor...or member of the National Association Realtor's, not just a licensee who happens to hold a Real Estate License.  By doing so you are in the hands of trained Realtor who must abide by a strict Code of Ethics and enforceable Standards of Practice that dictate fair, ethical & honest treatment to all parties involved.

A Realtor will help insure there will be a successful closing with the least amount of stress and concern on your part.  Your best ally to provide peace of mind and accuracy throughout the process will be your relationship and trust in a professional Realtor. The combination of continuing education, experience, past success, networking & teamwork, and skills obtained over time are immeasurable when it comes to winning in today's world of Real Estate.